EasyTear View+

EASYTEAR® VIEW +  allows you to perform the main non invasive tear assessment tests aimed at diagnosis of dry eye. It is can be mounted on slit lamp of any type and brands with a universal bracket.


EasyTear® VIEW+ is very easy to use. It has a display and three intuitive buttons with simple icons for choosing the type of illumination and regulating across 5 levels with the help of an electronic control system. It has a seconds timer allowing calculation of average times for the specific analytic tests for blinking, NIBUT, BUT, NIDUT.

Main applications and screening tests for dry eye syndrome performed by EASYTEAR® VIEW+

  • Movement and stability of the tear film
  • Assessment of interference fringes and lipid layer thickness in the tear film (LLT)
  • Quality and stability of the tear film
  • Observing tear meniscus to establish tear volume
  • Use fluorescein to observe conjunctival or corneal staining and assess the application of contact-lenses
  • Use the grids to assess the regularity of the corneal surface
  • Non-invasive assessment of tear film breakup (NIBUT)
  • Assessment of tear film breakup time (BUT)
  • In vivo observation of dehydration of the pre contact-lens film directly on the eye (NIDUT)
  • The integrity of the Meibomian glands (parameter that indicates lipid dysfunction)
  • Observe the eyelid margins and the presence of Demodex
  • Correlations with tear pathologies (Sjögren syndrome)

EASYTEAR® VIEW+ is CE marked, Class 1 Medical Device complies with Directive 93/42/EEC, registered at Italian Ministry of Health with identifier BD/RDM n.1401945.
CLASS 1 medical electrical equipment compliant EN 60601-1.
Compliant with Group 1 of EN 62471 and EN 15004-2

Additional information

Weight 1.900000 kg

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