EasyTear HDWcam

The new HDWcam digital video camera was developed specifically for the VIEW+ dacrioscope and makes it possible to take photographs and high resolution videos transmitted over Wi-Fi to a PC for live viewing on the monitor.

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The special CMOS sensor of the HDWcam video camera can be used with all three LED light wavelengths of the EasyTear® VIEW+ instrument. The design, dimensions, ease and practicality of use thanks to rechargeable batteries and Wi-Fi, are fundamental characteristics that make the new HDWcam device the best device in its class. The yellow filter incorporated into the HDWcam device enables BUT testing with fluorescein and application of contact-lenses.

The Tear Film analyzer software, included with the HDWcam device, is intuitive to use and provides quick detailed examinations. Its functions include database, dry eye screening examination sequence, automatic settings according to examination type, and consultation history. Users are given easy comparison with images scaled according to international classifications, and DRY EYE REPORT printouts for the diagnosis/screening of the dry eye type category.

Technical data HDWcam

Image resolution 5 Mpixel FHD
CMOS Infrared and colour
Acquisition mode video, photo
Focus Manual focus
ISO management Automatic/Manual
Power supply 5V 2A with Micro USB cable
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1


Intel® Pentium® Core™ i5 3.00 Ghz
SSD Hard drive
Screen resolution 1920×1080
2 USB ports
Microsoft® Windows®  8, 10 (64 or 86 bit)

Additional information

Weight 0,500 kg

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